Novalit Inc. Areas of Focus

Novalit Inc. – a team of dedicated experts with 30 years of experience remain to be a nationwide supplier of communication systems, !electronic card design/circuit board design, production and maintenance, electro-mechanical assembly, integration of electronic systems and telecommunication technologies.

Novalit Inc. provides technological solutions for LED outdoor advertisement and Smart Traffic Management Systems with the support of Research and Development Department’s (ArGe) products and enhancements.


City Security Systems

These modular systems are used to enlighten suspicious activities, help the fight against criminals and criminal activities and use traffic data in order to help maintain the traffic flow efficiently with the help of technology.

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Led Screens

Novalit Inc. can produce full color Video LED screens to meet different needs from 1m2 to 300m2.

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Tinnatura Tinnitus Therapy System

Tinnatura is a device that uses a process to treat tinnitus. For more information please visit www.tinnatura.com.tr

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Novalit Inc.

Being in active operation since 2006, project completion and strong work discipline remained number one priority for Novalit making serious advancements in electronics market.

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