City Security Systems

IR Illuminators,
Smart Traffic Signs
Radar Speed Sensors
These modular systems are used to enlighten suspicious activities, help the fight against criminals and criminal activities and use traffic data in order to help maintain the traffic flow efficiently with the help of technology. The modules gather visual, audio and location data and with the help of Pol-Net applications, these data are converted into automatic alerts which the users can use. Novalit A.Ş provides IR LED illuminators, LED based information screens and radar speed detectors for these modules.

Intelligent Traffic Systems

Variable Traffic Signs (VTS)
Variable Message Signs (VMS)
VTS/VMS systems are very valuable systems for road safety, because these supply drivers and passengers with information about traffic density, road situations on weather and accidents, maintenance schedules etc. By using 16mm, 20mm and 25mm SMD LED solutions and different optical lenses, Novalit AŞ offers a wide product range for these signs. These products can be extended modularly and could be customized according to specifications. Our products are certificated according to EN12966 standards.

Outdoor LED Video Screens

Led Screens,
Outdoor Advertisement
In today's world, Video LED screens are one of the most important needs for dynamic outdoor advertisements. The most important aspects of these screens are time and ad shared usage, remote accesibility and live visuals for day and night. Novalit AŞ can produce full color Video LED screens to meet different needs from 1m2 to 300m2.

Tunnel Radio Systems

GSM, analogue radio, digital radio and fm radio communications are very important inside tunnels. Novalit AŞ provides turnkey projects which include project design, production of sub-systems, montage and activation with its existing technical staff.

Tinnatura Tinnitus Therapy System

Tinnatura Tinnitus Therapy System
Tinnatura is a device that uses a process to treat tinnitus. For more information please visit
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